Webitorial Submission Fees

Webitorial Submission Fees

from 6.00


  • Up to (5) images = $6.00 USD
  • Up to (10) images = $10.00 USD
  • Up to (18) images = $17.00 USD


Submissions and processing fee does not mean guaranteed acceptance. Fee is non-refundable and does not affect, positively or negatively, outcome of acceptance. Accepted images/sets will be posted on our website along with credit information. We will share your Webitorial, linking back to our website, on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Every single artist who submits work (photographers, painters, illustrators, designers, doll-makers, etc.) will get a response from us within two weeks. If by the end of 14 days, you have not received an email response from us, please check our social media accounts and/or website to see if we have an announcement that we will be out for a period of time. If there is no announcement that we will be out, please send us an email, a text or give us a call.

Pay My Fee

GUIDELINES (What To Do Next):

  1. Email your submission to submissions@conceptualmagazine.com. Subject Line MUST read: WEBITORIAL SUBMISSION and YOUR NAME. Please, include credits from all of those that worked with you on your shoot or collaborated in some way (make sure you have the correct information by double checking with all persons involved). Include websites and/or social media handles. Indicate whether you want to be included in our e-mail list (newsletter) or if you have already singed up.
  2. You must be the copyright holder or have permission from the copyright holder to submit the images.
  3.  Submitted work does NOT have to be new or unpublished, unlike our "IN PRINT" submissions/features. You may submit work that has been previously posted or published elsewhere.
  4. Images should not contain any visual watermarks or logos.
  5. Images may be submitted up to 200dpi, 8.5x11 inches or similar size.
  6. If your image is for sale, send us a link to your shop so that we can share with viewers and/or let us know the price of your prints.
  7. Once we receive your payment as well as your email submission with all your information, we will respond letting you know whether we accept your submission for feature or not. If it is not accepted, we will usually tell you the reason. Most of the time it is because it does not fit our style or brand. If we receive a submission but you have not sent in the fee, you will not receive a response from us even if we want to feature your Webitorial. It will not be featured.