Monthly Themes

Each month, we will be having a call for submissions with two themes (rather than 3 as we had before). we will post the theme below and link the mood board for inspiration and aesthetic of each.

the deadline will be the 15th day of each month and that issue will then be released the 1st day/week of the following month.

for example: The deadline for issue 011 is august 15th. the release of issue 011 will be the 1st day or week of September.

You will all have, considerably, less time to create work for each issue but this will serve as a challenge for everyone to keep their creative juices going. Before you had about three months to create work and now you will have a few short weeks. however, of course, you do not have to submit work to every single issue and you can pick and choose which one you like. if for some reason, we do not have enough submissions in a specific month, we will make the issue smaller and pack it with articles and interviews.

Please, let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at

click here for submission guidelines. Please, do not send in submissions many months in advance as this will be harder for us when going through our emails. 1 or 2 months in advance is fine. again, make sure you look at the guidelines in the link above and follow them as closely as possible.




Issue 013 || Enchantment of Fairies || Lights of Comfort


release: First Week of November, 2017

note: Image credit info in link




Issue 014 ||Adornments of Glory || Green Velvet

deadline: TBA: January 2018

release: to be announced

note: Image credit info in link