Monthly Themes

Each month, we will be having a call for submissions with two themes for photography & art as well as one for desserts and pastries! we will post the themes below and link the mood boards for inspiration and aesthetic of each. Photographs must be professional and aesthetically pleasing. Create stories with your work. We will also be accepting interview and article submissions related to art, film, makeup, tv, artists, brand profiles, etc.

Deadline for issue 014 will be January 30th. Deadline for future issues are to be announced.

Please, let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at

click here for submission guidelines. Please, do not send in submissions more than a couple of months in advance (This is when we have themes out for upcoming months), as this will be harder for us when going through our emails. again, make sure you look at the guidelines in the link above and follow them as closely as possible.


Issue 015

[PHOTOGRAPHY & ART SUBMISSIONS] Art Fashion Couture || Floral Makeup Editorial || Majestic Men

deadline: February 28

release: to be announced

note: Image credit info in link. Entries may include editorial photo stories.




Issue 015

[PASTRIES & DESSERTS SUBMISSIONS] || Spring Desserts & Pastries

deadline: February 28

release: to be announced

note: Image credit info in link

Please, include recipe & a backstory to this shoot/recipe, etc.




[Interviews & Articles] 

Related to photography, art, fashion, makeup, design, influencers, artists or beautiful dessert/pastry recipes, health, lifestyle, fitness.


Artist Personal or Business Profile

Please, email us at inquiring about this. We have a small fee as this is more of a beautiful and  detailed, in depth advertisement-like feature.