Themed & Open Theme Submissions

Want to submit your work to us according to our themes rather than be interviewed? Or you simply have a new set that you want featured with us but it doesn’t fall under our current themes?

We will be happy to take a look at your work! Specific Themes will be posted on our facebook page @conceptualmagazine.

Open themes will be accepted on a rolling basis.

As with our interview submissions, images do not have to be new and exclusive, although we will gladly accept exclusive work that we love and fall under our themes. 

There is now a submission fee for this specific type of submission. We will take a look at your submission once the submission fee has been submitted. Fee is $5.00 uSd. Send payment to our paypal account using the email


1. Submit work that is yours. 

2. Email your submission to Email subject must read: Theme Submissions: (name of theme/s). Email must include high res images of your work, credit information (including websites and social media links) to all those that were involved in the making of your images. Please, send links and names that have been confirmed to be correct. You must also include a description of the set or piece as well as a mini bio of yourself. 

3. Let us know that you have submitted payment within the email body, along with the submission itself.

We will get back to you, whether it's a yes or a no. Once we accept your work, we will send you a release. after the issue is released, you will receive digital tear sheets of your feature. your work will be promoted online along with promotion of the issue (on our social media accounts).