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Spotlight for Inspiration - Lindsay Adler (aka My Date with Miss Adler)

Spotlight for Inspiration - Lindsay Adler (aka My Date with Miss Adler)


“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt


That is exactly what I have done today! I had the awesome privilege of interviewing the incredible, beautiful, and renown fashion photographer Lindsay Adler from Lindsay Adler Fashion Photography.

For me, it was an intense morning! I woke up nervous without much sleep because through the night I tossed and turned thinking about today. This morning I barely ate any breakfast because my stomach could not take in any food or drink. I ended up pacing back and forth on my living room carpet waiting for the minute when Lindsay would tell me she was ready for the call. My heart raced, my stomach cringed, my hands were cold and clammy. The minutes seemed longer than ever! Finally, at 11:30am CST, Lindsay asked me to call her.

So, I got into G+ and called her. I was super nervous not only because I was going to speak with such a personality as her but also because it was the first time that I was going to start an On Air streaming that would be on YouTube!

At the beginning, we struggled a bit to get great streaming but after a couple of minutes we were able to and... this is what resulted:


Indian Princess - Week 6