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Indian Princess - Week 6

I decided to do the image for this week as quick as possible. I didn't want the same thing as last week to happen again. I get pretty busy at the end of the week with interviews, group stuff, family, and babysitting my nephew!

Yesterday, I was sitting in my living room thinking about when my husband would get home. I was worried about him because there was a lot of snow falling and he has only lived in the US for two years...meaning he is not an expert driver in this weather. While looking outside, I thought that my image for this week should have to do with winter. I had meditation music playing in the background as my thoughts flowed through my mind and I started looking around the house.

Then, my eyes laid on an elephant "trinket" I had hanging on the closet door next to the entrance of the apartment. I knew that was it!  I had to use that. I knew I had to be creative and think outside the box. Then, I thought... "well, I have to go outside and shoot but I really don't want to"... and then... I simply said... "I can just take a picture of the floor on my porch and use it as a background". So, that's what I did... then I searched for a creative commons stock image (as recommended by my friend Caroline) and used it for the sky. Slowly, ideas started to flow!

I started shooting the elephants on my studio floor. I put on the blouse, which I've owned for a long time as I have been in love with the Indian culture for years. The story of what I wanted to create was playing in my mind like a movie. I went to my room to put some makeup on and when I came back I was expecting for the beautiful, gracious, tall, and grand elephant to be waiting for me in the studio. As I walked in, I saw the empty space and was stunned. I couldn't believe the elephant wasn't there. For a few seconds, I had traveled to the distant land I was creating. I could not believe I wasn't there! ... and I became sad!

However, I kept shooting the images I needed and loaded them up to the laptop. Usually, I am in a hurry to start editing asap and getting it done asap because I want to see the final result...or at least, as close to the final result as possible. This time wasn't like that though. I got distracted doing several other things for about an hour. Then, I began editing the photo and didn't stop even after my husband came home (thankfully safely) and even while I was cooking. My husband was mesmerized by the photo and even a little jealous! HAHA!

In regards to the title of the piece, I'm still unsure. I titled it "Indian Princess" I wanted a stronger title...such as "Indian Warrior" or something similar to that. I hesitated to do so, though, because there's nothing in the image that alludes to her being a warrior with the exception of the snow storm she is going through. However, she isn't fighting the storm either! She is simply a beautiful princess trying to ride her mystical elephant so she can escape the bitterness of the storm. At the same time, the storm doesn't seem to bother her. She, you could even say, looks like she is in her element.


Spotlight for Inspiration - Lindsay Adler (aka My Date with Miss Adler)

Spotlight for Inspiration - Lindsay Adler (aka My Date with Miss Adler)

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