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Seeing the Light - Week 4

Seeing the Light - Week 4

This past week's self portrait project was all about following my dreams and exploiting my abilities as much as possible. I know I've got a long way to go until my Photoshop skills come even close to what some of you can do! It's a fact and I do not feel bad about it, whatsoever. I love where I am at right now because I have only been using Photoshop since November 2013. I have been practicing and am proud of myself for being at the point I am in right now. Every week I will create new images...and every week I will get better. That... I know for a fact, as well.

The image I created took me about 10 hours to complete and it's the longest I've ever worked on PS or Corel PSP (which is the program I used before for about a year). I struggled to create it... yet at the same time I enjoyed it. I almost gave up... but I didn't! I wanted to quit and keep going the next day...but at the same time I didn't want to... I wanted to get it done to get the end result! I think that is the reason why I always sit down when I start and barely get up (except to eat) until I finish!

So, I began shooting one morning. The image I wanted was clear in my head. I didn't even need to sketch it or write it down. I shot what I needed and got to work on PS. I must've tweaked it a thousand times until I finally got what I wanted. I posted in the group and got some very helpful constructive criticism. I tweaked it again and finally considered myself finished with the image. It is my favorite image so far! I LOVE everything about it...the shapes, the colors, the flow... and the story!

The story (like all my other images) have to do with spiritual evolution and also, with fantasy worlds! We all create fantasy worlds, anyway... but you know what I mean! Instead of boring you with all the meanings of it... I'll cut right to the point.

In the spiritual side of it... it means finding the light inside of me, the light that leads my path to the spiritual evolution I seek! In the "fantasy world" side of it... it is simply a princess that lives in the heavens (again in search of the light)!

BTW, FYI... I have photo shopped myself to be skinny... I am NOT really that skinny! But, it's all part of the magic of PS!

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