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Study of a Flower's Soul - Week 3 of My Self Portrait Project

Week three just passed. Today is Monday again. I almost didn't make it last night. I was not only busy every single day of the week but I also struggled to come up with a concept. Friday night, I concentrated in coming up with a concept, though. I did, after a while. My idea was to make myself have 4-6 arms, all raised up around me and reaching for something. Those "somethings" would be different props with a spiritual meaning behind them. I shot the photos of everything I wanted. I started working on the image and suddenly, it began to take on shape...but a whole different idea. Yes, it still followed a spiritual meaning but not exactly the same one I was looking for. I was no longer only one of me. There was two of me. One physical me. One spiritual me. The physical me is represented by the earthly props. The spiritual me is represented by an orb of light. See, in my world, souls are balls of light and spirits are energy waves that take on the shape of our earthly bodies. So in reality, I guess, we could say that there are three of me in the image. My physical body, my spiritual body, and my soul body.
Before I keep going, I want to pause and explain something. For me, college was a really prominent and important part of my life. It's one of the times of my life that sticks close to me the most. There I explored and I changed... a bit. I learned that there is a lot to life than what meets the eye. I also learned that, because of those personal beliefs I acquired, I would come to lose close friends of mine. Since that time, I have mostly been open about my beliefs and a lot of my thoughts. At least, those regarding my "spiritual life". Yes, I belong to Christian religion...but I am also spiritual. I could say that I am more spiritual than religious. So, I will tell you all what I told my friends a bit too late. I am, again, starting my spiritual journey...slowly, but surely. Part of that journey will be portrayed on my 52 week project. I will post those images in the group and usually, blog about them explaining what they mean. This, however, does not mean I am trying to promote my beliefs...nor trying to convert anybody... nor trying to expose my beliefs to everyone. I am, simply, trying to be me and bare my soul to you all. Why would I do this? I do this because I created this group and it has evolved into something that is incredible and I want to push the group further. Part of that is revealing to you all...who I am so that you get to know me. So, I invite you all to bare your soul with each image that you post. I invite you to tell all of us what it means to you and why you created that image. Please, just be clear, that this does not mean to push anyone into believing your own beliefs!
Now, going back to the part about explaining my image... the books represent my spiritual and mind studies. The rose, represents the beauty of Mother Earth and the deep connection one can acquire while studying nature. The orb, represents those same exact things but in the spiritual realm!
I really hesitated to call the flower "Rose" in the title of the image. This is because the name "Rose", classifies the flower and that is not something I wanted to do. Classifying it means judging it and judging it means I am not really looking into its soul for what it truly is... a flower. This reminds me of us as human beings. We call each other "black", "white", "Indian", "Hispanic", "fat", "ugly", etc. We classify ourselves. However, this entails us not really getting to know each other...not seeing each other as something more than what meets the eye... not seeing each other as one. human. race.
The outfit...well, the "dress" is one that one of my grandmothers gave me as a birthday present several years ago and the headband is one that I bought while in college. This was how I dressed in college. I called myself a new age hippie. It is, though, how I feel most comfortable. It is how my body identifies with my soul.
Do you see the message I'm trying to portray?
To be honest, after writing this, I feel a little scared and vulnerable. I have no idea what everyone's reaction will be and it's pretty scary. I think I really have bared my soul to you all and I hope to get some responses or comments back so that I do not feel alone in this.
So, tell me! Are you scared to share who you are? What your art portrays? To bare your soul and to feel vulnerable in front of so many people? 
"The Study of a Flower's Soul"
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