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The Realm Where My Spirit Dwells - Week 2

The Realm Where My Spirit Dwells - Week 2


Hey dear Creatives! I want to talk to you all for a little bit.

This been an incredible week (in all aspects of the word "incredible"). Lots of things have been going on... from finding out my grandfather passed away, to bursting out crying at random times of the day, to struggling to create a self-portrait that express my grief, to finding out who the winner of the December challenge is, to reading the incredible Spotlight For Inspiration interview, having spoken on the phone with Melissa Niu, having been able to set up a meeting with Brooke Shaden, having watched Lindsay Adler's workshop, and finding out that we are being sponsored for our monthly challenge by Zenfolio...among other things.

This week has only proved to me that life can be ever changing...it has its ups and its downs...its highs and lows, lights and darks. You experience euphoria. You experience desolation. You experience everything in between. I never knew I could experience so many emotions in the span of one week. Deep sadness. Deep happiness. Passionate love. Those are the three most prevalent emotions I felt this passed week.

Anything is possible and to me...it has been proven. Last year was a year of dreams and of actually making some of those dreams happen. This year I began with "follow up" dreams and those are beginning to happen as well. But...that deep was happiness trumped...

I sincerely thought that my grandfather would live to be 100 years old. He was a widower to multiple wives and still lived for so long! He owned a lot of land, he owned jewelry stores, he owned other stores, cars, and even an airline! He was born in 1918 and experienced so many thing in life that I could never even imagine. He was the one that was going to outlive even his own children... I certainly was not prepared for his sudden death...even though I knew that it was way passed his time. Yet, he passed away in a home for the elderly...something he had promised himself would never happen... with nothing left but the care of a daughter that only came to his aid at the end of his days.

And me... well, to express the sadness and grief that I feel, I took advantage of the tools that exist right at my fingertips. Tools that sometimes make you hide behind a computer screen without involving yourself in human connections...which are deeply important to preserve... but that sometimes help you express your deepest feelings and emotions and with a lot more people!

I have to say that I feel extremely lucky to have a team of Creatives such as the [fa] Fine Art Photography team. My once little group now became a humungous community of friends that aren't only incredibly talented, but also incredibly supportive. Through this medium I have been able to share who I am and what my work is about.

I have also been able to learn a lot more about the editing process because of you guys. For that reason, I was able to create a piece of art that depicts what my soul is experiencing. For the first time in my life, since I started painting at age 7, I was able to create a piece that expresses my spirit and its feelings.

I, also, wanted to again thank each and every single one of you for the marvelous participation with our team. I am delighted to have all of you as part of our group and for introducing yourselves without being shy and by being authentic. For that, I want to thank our Membership Coordinator, Warren Verity. He has done a tremendous job with his duties and he is definitely great at doing his job.

I am so happy to see that the members that have been with us for a while have improved leaps and bounds. They have worked so hard to develop their style and compile a portfolio worthy of their talents.

I want to invite all of you to go out in our group and make those human connections. For the moment, we cannot be right in front of each and shake hands...but we all do live inside each other's computer screens. We are all easily available. Get to know each other. Get to know the Executive Board. Read those weekly interviews; they are amazing and incredibly interesting. They delve into the lives our very own members. Become friends because soon...we will meet... destiny will bring us together...because it's meant to be.

Now I leave you with my piece for the week and an explanation of what it means:

Here is my second image for my 52 week Self-Portrait project. This is one image I truly struggled with for so many reasons. I started over just about 5 times. I had no idea how to make it. I knew not what to create. I worked and worked. I tried so many different things and I could not describe my feelings nor make my feelings look pretty. This image is not meant to be pretty. This picture is meant... to depict my feelings. My feelings for the loss of my dear grandfather. He and I were so close and loved each other so much. He died this week and I could not be there...just as I wasn't there when my grandmother died. But I know their souls are in heaven, watching over me...just as my grandfather promised me the last time I saw him healthy and standing. He knew that we would never be able to see each other again and speak the way we used to speak, the way he used to tell me stories of his childhood, the way we sit together for hours just to talk. I title this image "The Realm Where My Spirit Dwells". The background image is of my grandparents back yard. It's my favorite place in the whole entire world. To me, it's an enchanted place. It's where my home is...where my roots lie...where my family grew up. The orbs are the souls of my grandfather and grandmother watching me as my own spirit sorts out reality. Now they are free!

Study of a Flower's Soul - Week 3 of My Self Portrait Project

Spotlight for Inspiration - Tatiana K-I

Spotlight for Inspiration - Tatiana K-I