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You Can Be A Conceptual Photographer or A Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Psychologist, Teacher

You Can Be A Conceptual Photographer or A Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Psychologist, Teacher


That is the reason I put up this blog. To share everything about it. To share about everyone in it. To promote this genre of art to the average photographer and the average non-photographer. To the interested in art and the one not interested in art. To be seen by the photographer, the doctor, the lawyer, the accountant, the psychologist, and every other profession and non-profession. There is a need for many things in this world and for those many needs there is a person that came to fulfill it. Perhaps, there are many persons that can fulfill each of those needs. I am not the only one that came to fulfill this need but I do want to be a big part of it!

However, in order to do all those things, some work is needed as well as strength. The strength is not only of need and want but also of numbers. Those numbers are beginning to show and, because of it, the deed is beginning to grow. With growth comes more responsibility and therefore, help is vital.

With that help, the group has been given the space and opportunity to evolve and to welcome more and more incredible artists. Those artists, I along with my fellow Executive Board members want to promote! This creates an chance where any person can begin to understand what we do, how we do it, and most importantly...why we do it.

So...even if you are not a photographer, I invite you to keep reading.

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One of our dear collaborators, began interviewing group members a few weeks ago! She and I have handpicked members of our incredible community to whom we would like to shine a light upon. Eventually, we want to get to get to as many [fa] team members as possible. We are just beginning. Slowly but surely, we will get there though!

We want to get to know more about their personal lives, how they got into photography (more specifically fine art or conceptual photography), and what their plans for the future are!

I invite you to take twenty or thirty minutes to sit down and read each interview that has been published so far. I urge you to do it, especially if you belong to our [fa] Fine Art Photography group on Facebook. It's a chance to get to know who your colleagues and fellow creatives are. If you don't belong to the group...even if you are not even a photographer... Believe me when I say that, no matter who you are, you will be inspired and driven to follow your dreams.

Please, click on each of their names to read their stories!

Bonnie Al-Rifai

Growth and Evolution

Growth and Evolution

Where The [fa] Group Is At And Where It's Going