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Where The [fa] Group Is At And Where It's Going

This post is a continuation from the previous post. If you want to know exactly what I am referring to in this post, read this: http://fappgblog.wordpress.com/2013/11/21/developing-the-fa-fine-art-photography-fb-group/ 
Once I chose Caroline Brown Rutland to be an administrator for my group, I was able to relax and travel to Puerto Rico knowing that she would hold down the fort. I truly trusted her and I knew everything would be well. 
When I got to Puerto Rico, I began receiving messages from Caroline! Oh my goodness... soooooooooo many messages with questions and comments from her! We were writing back and forth a lot, almost every day I was there... which was a week. I didn't mind though. I was glad she messaged me so much and asked questions about decisions she had to make for the group. It made me feel like I was still a part of it. Every time I could, I would get on my phone and check in on the group. I commented when I felt it was necessary, otherwise I just let her deal with the problems. Haha! I felt free for a few days! 
During those days, however, the group started picking up the pace. It was as if Caroline had cast some kind of spell. I don't even know how to explain it but some kind of magic happened. Something evolved and the incredible energy the group already had was pushed even further!
When I came back from my trip, I felt a little out of the loop even though I knew about everything that was going on and had been checking in just about every day. It took me a couple of days after I got back to go through the group and re-read all the posts and understand everything that was going on.
 From that moment on, Caroline and I began working together as a team. It was now, not only my group...but our group! She had done such a great job monitoring it that I decided it was best to let her be a permanent administrator. As we began to get to know each other a bit more, I began to tell her about my ideas and exactly what I wanted the group to go. It was unbelievable because she was thinking something along the lines from what I told her. We both became very excited and began to plan!
We began talking with a few group members whom had become our friends. They participated a lot and seemed to have  A LOT of interest in what we were doing. Slowly but surely we built a team and created an Executive Board.
Things just got exciting!
The first thing that was done was create a group logo. The logo was designed by Scott Detweiler.
As soon as I saw that logo I jumped up in excitement. It looks professional and simple. It was and is perfect. I was so happy! Caroline quickly announced the logo and put it up on the group! It seemed that everyone loved it.
 We assembled the Executive Board and created a group for it. The current members of the [fa] Fine Art Photography Executive Board are Caroline Brown Rutland, Scott Detweiler, Jay Clapp, Tara Taylor Denny, Bonnie and Gabe Al-Rifai, and of course myself!
We then had a couple of Google + Hangouts with some of the core team members and with the Executive Board. It was fun. We got to know each other "in person" and to understand more of our personalities.
We started coming up with plans for OUR group!
This is where and when I officially announce the PLANS we are beginning to work out for the group. This are the dreams and wishes we have for the future of our [fa] Team.
Our plans are to make the [fa] Fine Art Photography group an international organization that we will use to promote and advocate awareness of Fine Art Photography.  We want to increase the value of this type of photography and help the general public understand what we do and how we do it. Right now we are geared towards Portraiture but perhaps, in a few years we will open it up to all Fine Art Photography. We want to find sponsors to work with us and perhaps find funding from other sources. Also, we want to create a scholarship program to help photographers with their education, gallery shows, etc. In addition, we want to provide education to these photographers. Furthermore, we want to help artists get discovered, sell their work, and build a fan base for the art and the artists. Moreover, we want to promote ourselves as an organization and at the same time promote the artists that belong to the organization. It is in our plans to find a gallery that will host our artists as well as creating a membership program for the group/organization. These and a million more plans are on our minds, hearts, and calendars!
We hope to attract as many Fine Art Portrait Photographers as possible and make them part of our amazing team! We, the Executive Board, love each and every artist that belongs to our group. We want to create something big for all of you. We want it to become a revolution of art and love. We are so happy that we have so many people collaborating and participating every day in the group. We want to get to know all of you, which is one of the main reasons why we have started doing Google + Hangouts.
We are now doing two official Hangouts per month. One is hosted by Jay Clapp and the other by Scott Detweiler. We also have several impromptu Hangouts. Some are simply to literally hang out...others are about different topics that come up. Jay and Scott plan out their presentations and wholeheartedly want to offer all of you their incredible expertise. Occasionally, other Executive Board members will teach or host a Hangout. In addition, we will begin looking for guest educators that will teach a certain class exclusively for our group.
In the next year, we hope to create a new group in Google + as well as an official website. Furthermore, we have begun organizing ourselves to create two different publications. One publication will be a magazine and the other publication will be a book. The book I want to keep as a surprise to all of you so I will not talk about its contents. However, I will talk a tiny bit about the magazine.
Caroline and I have chosen a name for the magazine. It has deep meaning. For right now though, I will not mention it! In that magazine, we will have permanent and guest writers. The Executive Board members are all permanent writers as well as several group members. Also, we will pick certain other members of the group to be guest writers. In fact, if you would like to be a guest writer for the magazine, you may submit a proposal to the Executive Board. You may tell us about it through the group or you may talk to us through private message!
We will not begin working on any of these things yet. We are waiting for the holidays to pass so that we may have more time to organize ourselves and exactly what we want. We are even still in the process of picking roles for each of the Executive Board members. 
A couple of other things that I want to mention in this post have to do with what we currently do in the group. Our dear Caroline was inspired to create a publication to put a spotlight on artists from our group. This is the first way we have found to get to know our own members and help them get discovered. Her publication is called "Spotlight for Inspiration". Every week, Caroline interviews a member of our group. She asks them about their personal life, their photography, and their inspiration. I really recommend that you do not miss these interviews. They are incredibly interesting and fun to read. They are truly inspirational. So, stay tuned every Monday to find out who is interviewed next!
Another thing that we do in our group right now is keep a record of several different files and documents. These include important links to different media and topics as well as important threads, artist information, monthly challenge recognitions, group rules and regulations, and much more. One of my favorite documents is a link to a list of Behind the Scenes Brooke Shaden videos! We strongly suggest that you check out our "Files" tab and submerge yourself in all the incredible information we have archived for you!
The last thing that I have to say for today's post is.................... STAY TUNED AND DO NOT MISS A BEAT! I want to welcome all the new artists that we constantly keep receiving in our group. We truly hope that you enjoy our group and the positive energy that we have to offer. Do not hesitate to post your images on the group wall to simply show off or to ask for cc! If you totally love this, keep adding your photographer friends that have a passion for conceptual photography! We will welcome them with open arms.
Check out this screenshot of our group! If you would like to join, click on this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FAPinspiredbyBrookeShaden/
You Can Be A Conceptual Photographer or A Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Psychologist, Teacher

You Can Be A Conceptual Photographer or A Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Psychologist, Teacher

Developing the [fa] Fine Art Photography FB Group