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Rachel Madison

This week’s interview is with a multi-talented artist! Get comfortable as we tell you about her story! Rachel Madison began her journey as a teen who was bullied but with strength and creativity, she pushed through and became the successful makeup artist, body painter, and model that she is today! Perseverance and practice is all you need to become the best version of you!

Mark Son

Today, we introduce to you our newest feature! Meet Mr. Mark Son! He is a passionate artist with a deep love for what he creates! He uses his time and his space to create his works from deep within his soul. He creates artworks in mixed media (using photography, painting, drawing, and other materials) as well as uses writing to express himself!

Meghan Walker

We are eager to show you the work and inspirations of Meghan Walker, nicknamed the "Game of Thrones photographer"! Her passion for creating historical photos, inspired by her spiritual and blood connection to Scotland, and her love for making them into entire films in one photograph (as stated by one of her friends), have made her a marvelous artist! Getting to know her has made us become even more joyous in wanting to keep introducing the worlds of our artist community to you!

Melissa Mullins

We are excited to introduce you to the fabulous photographer and supporter of women, Melissa Mullins! We are in love with her signature style and her passion for photographing women in all stages of life. She captures underwater moments, maternity portraits, cosplay work and is a self-proclaimed (and rightly so) milk bath expert! Get to know this "gentle rebel" and show her some love!