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Rosanna Larsson

Rosanna Larsson

Rosanna Larsson, one of our art throbs, was so kind as to take some time to sit down with us and answer some questions. Being one of our favorites, we were curious to learn what her inspiration is and were it comes from. Her art is not only beautiful, but also soulful. She draws and paints stunning, confident, spiritual women and takes artistic and psychedelic selfies that show her audience what her spirit is made of.

CONCEPTUAL MAGAZINE: Rosanna, we here at Conceptual, are so happy to have featured one of your paintings, "Mermaid Dreams", in issue three. And now, we are excited to learn more about your artistic world and your motivations. So, let's begin with the basics. Tell us about yourself.

ROSANNA LARSSON: My name is Rosanna Larsson, and I am from Sweden. I live in Eskilstuna, and Eskilstuna is located about an hour from Stockholm, the Swedish capital. Me and my boyfriend have just bought a house and we are moving into the Swedish woods. I want to be close to nature, feel free and be fully creative as a result of being one with lovely surroundings.

I have been painting and drawing since I could hold a pen or brush, basically. I have always loved being creative. My purpose is to create and I can’t stop, and I absolutely have no intention to do so. My creativity has landed in acrylic painting. This is my main creative outlet. I occasionally draw, knit, sew, etc. but there is something special with blending acrylic colors and then let them touch a canvas.  Magic.

I have never studied art, and I have never felt the need to. I feel I have art inside my heart, and you can not teach this in an art school.  When I paint I have no idea of what I am creating. I let the brush touch the canvas and I just follow the flow of the universe. I never plan or sketch prior to painting. I want to be one with the moment, and I want to be surprised. Be free. This is the way that I have always been painting, and I have also, as long as I can remember, been drawn to female faces. They are more than often seen in my work.

CM: What inspired your style and how did you develop it?  How do you describe it? What messages are you trying to convey? What do you want the viewer to see?

RL: Life and the universe are the main things that inspire my art. The universe is so beautiful and magical. At the moment, I love watching the sky; clouds, light and endless movement. I want to say my painting-style is free. I set no limitations to what I am creating, since I never know exactly what I am creating in the moment of creation. I would say art creates me, not the opposite.

In fact, I am not sending any messages at all while at the same time, I am sending every message possible. I am just being me, and how other people perceive me and my words I can not decide. They will see the world from their state of growth, and in the end I want viewers to see themselves as full potential and endless existence. Since this is what life is – infinite.

CM: What inspires each painting? What gets you started? How often do you paint? What’s your creative process like?

RL: In general, I create something every day. At the moment, I have not had the time to sit down and paint every day, but if I haven’t got the time to paint, I draw. I can’t be quiet. I must speak my mind.

CM: You take some awesome psychedelic/rainbow photos and selfies! They’ve become part of your brand you could say. Tell us about those?

RL: I am not a huge fan of taking selfies, but at the same time I want my followers on Instagram to meet the soul behind the artwork. I guess these psychedelic/rainbow effects make my selfies more close to my own being. Artistic. I want my selfies to be self-portraits, not only photos of my face.

CM: What other artists are you influenced by and why, if any? Any other artists that you love?

RL: I am not familiar with that many artists, and rarely seek inspiration from other sources than from life itself. My everyday life gives me the most creative lust, and as I mentioned earlier, nature is a huge inspiration. I could watch the sky, the sea, flowers and every little creation for forever and still be inspired.

CM: What role does the artist have in society?

RL: I feel an artist has the same role in society as any other being. Every existence has an obligation to be free and true. Life is meant to be a creative flow, and there are a million, billion ways to be creative. All I am saying is that every human being is the creator of their own life. Society has set up so many limitations that keep people from reaching their true selves, and your mission as a human being is to, at least, set yourself free – and in further perspective, bring as many as you can with you!

CM: What’s your biggest piece of advice to artists who are just starting out their journey?

RL: Be your true self. Be free. Create life. Now is then and forever.

To learn more about Rosanna and see more of her work, take a look at her website www.rosannakonst.com and her Instagram account @rosannakonst.

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