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CONCEPTUAL MAGAZINE: Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down for us and answer these questions! We are excited to interview a makeup artist that creates lip art as wonderful as yours and that believes glitter is magical! BECAUSE IT IS! Let’s begin with your background. How old are you? Where are you from? Do you do anything else besides makeup artistry?


ALICIA CLARK: I am 26 Years old. I am from Louisville Kentucky and am also a bartender at Sullivan's Tap House in Louisville. On the side, I am a actress! I started about 7 months ago... I have a lot of creative imagination and I wanted to set it free. Makeup is the way I chose!

CM:  Did you go to school for it or are you self-taught?


AC: I am self-taught!


CM:  What has the evolution been like of when you first began up to now? How did you become better?


AC: Major Evolution... I started off doing more face paint... then one day I had very little time, so I did lip art and it seemed to get a lot more attention. So, I stuck with that and everyday I am getting better at it!



CM:  Do you feel like you have a specific aesthetic or style? If so, how would you describe it?


AC: Nothing specific... depends on my mood or what I am listening to when I do my makeup so I just free ball it!


CM:  Talk to us about your lip art! It’s marvelous, magical, fantastical! When, why, and how did you begin with lip art?


AC: In a earlier question I actually answered that. One day I had very little time to post makeup for the #100daysofmakeupchallenge and I had to post something!!! So, I just did something small and it had a big impact!


CM: What was your first lip art? Do you remember? What made you create it?


AC: I think it had something to do with cheetah print... but I honestly cannot remember!


CM: What was the most recent look that you created?


AC: I recently did a Alice in Wonderland theme... and I am obsessed with it!


CM: What are you inspired by? What makes you create each look and why?


AC: Movies mainly inspire me... and sometimes Hobby Lobby. Movies can be so colorful and artistic that it just helps you create!! And all you have to do is walk through Hobby Lobby and at the end of your shopping spree, you will have 10 different lip looks!!


CM:  Are you inspired by another art or artists? MUA’s or otherwise?


AC: I love a few MUA's @junecrees @kimberelymargarita @ryankelleymua. When I look at their stuff, I'm never afraid to try fun stuff!


CM: When and why did you decide to open an Instagram account dedicated to your art?


AC: Around the same time, I wanted to start doing makeup... I wanted to keep track of my progress!


CM: What is the Instagram makeup community like for you?


AC: It's very hard... a lot of hard work. My goal is to get featured on a page at least once a day. Sometimes it happens, sometimes more than once... but then sometimes it doesn't. There are a lot of talented men and women out there! I always like to send everyone positive vibes! Everyone deserves it.


CM: How did you come up with your handle @tattedsaurusrex?


AC: My boyfriend actually thought of it! I have a dinosaur tattoo sleeve in working progress... so that's where it started!


CM: What is your camera setup and gear for IG pictures? What software do you use to edit?


AC: I have 2 Soft boxes, a plain black background, Nikon Coolpix camera. I use Fotor/Facetune to edit.


CM:  What’s your goal? What do you want to accomplish?


AC: My goal is to become a very well known MUA. I would love to be the face of a makeup brand. I would die if that happened!!!! or a glitter brand because I use glitter in every look!!!!


CM: Do you have any advice for other makeup artists that are just beginning their journey in the profession and on social media?


AC: Yes! Just keep trying and keep posting. Post once a day. It takes a while (I'm not even there yet). Good things will come!


CM: Alicia, thanks again for your time! This was an awesome interview! It hit the sweet spot! We cannot wait to see where this amazing profession takes you!


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Julie Morin

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