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Mark Son

Mark Son

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CONCEPTUAL MAGAZINE: Mark Son! Thank you for being part of our community
of artists! Your work is very different from what we usually feature in our publication, so we are happy to learn more about you and your work! Welcome to Conceptual Magazine!

MARK SON: Thank you

1.Mark_Memories on the other side of memory_C - Print_100×75cm_2017.jpg

CM: Mark, talk to us about your beginnings!

MS: I am Mark Son and am 36 years old. I was born in Korea and now, I work in my hometown. The first language I learned was English. And I am still single.

CM: So, tell us what you do. What is your art form, your medium? What type of art do you create?

MS: I majored in Photography and Fine arts. I work with various materials. For example, I work on materials like collage, leaves, and ice.

CM: Do have a formal education? Did you go to school for art? If so, where? Tell us about your experience with this.

MS: I majored in photography, in the Republic of Korea and graduated. I learned
plastic art in Germany, but I did not finish school until later on because I did not have a very good body of work.

4.Licht and Spectrum - Mark Son.png

CM: Tell us about the Artist Note you sent us! I read it out loud and can say that there was a time, years ago, where I wrote very similarly to the way that this is written. So, the first question we have is... was this originally written in English? What is the message that you want to convey with this note/statement? If you could summarize it for our audience, how would you do so?

MS: Before I work, I think about my work and write down notes based on it. At first, I write in Korean and translate into English for foreign people to understand my intentions and goals. The main content is my own story. I wrote this Artist Note on the basis of what I experienced.

CM: Is writing part of your artform, one of your mediums, or is this note a sort of an artist statement for your art?

MS: It is important and another work.

2.Mark_It intersects with the object facing_C - Print_100×75cm_2017.jpg

CM: You do photography. When did you first pick up a camera and why? What’s your story with photography?

MS: I was 24 years old and volunteered at the Olympic Museum. I happened to be in a photo class. I became interested in photography. So, I majored in photography at university.

CM: You also paint/draw. When did you first begin and why?

MS: I started painting at the age of 18. It was a great pleasure to be able to express my thoughts and feelings.

CM: It looks like you also create work in mixed media? Is that correct? Can you tell us about that?

MS: Yes, It is mixed media; I made the work by mixing the acrylic paints and mirror paper.

CM: Can you talk to us about mirror paper? What is that and how do you use it?

MS: I was interested in a mirror image and an accidentally found a mirror paper. I attached the mirror paper to the canvas I was drawing.

Licht and Spectrum 06, acrylic and marker and mirror paper on canvas, 116×91cm, 2018.jpg

CM: Mark, tell us about your Solo Exhibition, Licht&Spectrum in CYART Space, Seoul South Korea. What is this exhibition about? What is your message? What is your photography about? How did this exhibition come about?

MS: I had my first solo show in Seoul. It was a joy to me. The theme was light and spectrum, and as I looked back on time in the past, it became an opportunity to know myself. I was, also, delighted that the audience was interested in the work.

CM: Is this your first solo exhibition? How did you achieve being able to present your work in a solo exhibition? What was your process in order to get there?

MS: Yes, I was lucky. I was grateful for having a solo show in Seoul and was able to think a lot. This was the first time that I showed my works and the gallery responded very well. At first, I introduced my work to the gallery. I talked to the curator and what I did. Then, I participated in the solo exhibition or group.

CM: Tell us about your exhibition in Sweden.

MS: I showed my work to a gallery in Sweden and I got an online exhibition opportunity.

Licht and Spectrum 10, acrylic and marker on canvas, 116×91cm, 2018.jpg

CM: You also have two other exhibitions coming up this year in Korea? Tell us
about them.

MS: I participate in many exhibitions this year. I am pleased. The first one is my
personal exhibition in Gyeong - ju. Secondly, I participate in solo exhibitions and
group exhibitions at Yeongcheon Creative Studio and participate in Daegu Art in

CM: In regards to the group exhibitions. What were their themes? What was the story in these exhibitions and what artwork did you exhibit?

MS: In the group exhibition, the theme was the theme of artists who will shine Korean art, and artists with artistic talents and flair exhibited. And I participated in the group exhibition with the theme of light and spectrum that I worked on with photography.

CM: Tell us about your painting at Lift Art Gallery. Those are our favorite works of

MS: Drawing was carried on as an extension of the photography work. And I, especially, paid much attention to formality and I am satisfied.

CM: Now, let’s talk about your group exhibitions! Can you talk to us about each one of them? What were their themes? What was the story in these exhibitions and what artwork did you exhibit?

MS: The group exhibition at the Chosun Ilbo displayed selected artists who would put a spotlight on the Republic of Korea. I exhibited my photo work.

CM: You have an art residency at 10th Yeongcheon Creative Studio 2018. Tell us
about that experience and how you were able to acquire that residency.

MS: At first, I applied. I showed my work and conducted a brief interview. And now
I am living with other artists. We talk freely, ask a lot of fundamental questions about art, and talk about their own thoughts.

CM: What, do you think, are the benefits of having a residency? Is it something you recommend to other artists? Why or why not?

MS: I am a resident of Yeongcheon Creative Studio this year and because of that, I can introduce my work to many authors and hear a lot of opinions. Those times are so precious to me and I am grateful.

3.Licht and Spectrum - Mark Son.png

CM: What projects are you most proud of in your career?

MS: Everything is precious to me, time and experiences. I value my work.

CM: Do you have any special projects coming up?

MS: There is no specific thing yet. However, I'm going to make more extensions to the light and spectrum body of work. I'm currently working on that.

CM: What are you inspired by? What makes you want to create the work you

MS: I get inspiration from all things, from space, and from nature. All of my surroundings are precious and I think a lot.

CM: Are you inspired by other artists? If so, can you tell us which artists and why?

MS: I love all artists, and I respect them all.

Licht and Spectrum 04, acrylic and marker and mirror paper on canvas, 116×91cm, 2018.jpg

CM: What story do you want to convey with your art? Do you have a specific
message or many messages?

MS: I think that the meaning and interpretation of the work is free. It may be different
from my intention. Interpretation should be respected as interpretation itself. I
have my own story. And the visitors have an indirect contact with me. It is an
unspoken conversation.

CM: Do you think that art has connected you to other people? Not only in terms
of networking but also in a more emotional or spiritual manner?

Licht and Spectrum 02, acrylic and marker on canvas, 116×91cm, 2018.jpg

MS: I think I can communicate with more people through art.

CM: What is your goal in the next few years? What do you want to achieve with your art? Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years? Do you want to continue doing this for the rest of your life?

MS: The period is not important to me. I am going to do this for the rest of my life. I think that it is the best way to express oneself.I try my advice now. I will do more and hence, I will convey more information to the audience through my art. I will try to get closer to communicating with others.

CM: What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to when you began doing art and had no idea where art would take you?

MS: I would tell myself to take a walk for a while and look around. I would say that time is important to me in the future (so no) and it makes me feel new. I think that time is also a process of maturing.

CM: What advice would you give other artists who are just beginning their
journey in the art world?

MS: It is wonderful to be able to express oneself. You will be happy!

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