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Frank Diamond

Frank Diamond

Born in April 29, 1990, Frank is an artistic photographer from Spain that began his career at age 22. His work is characterized by being dramatic and dark as well as denoting a touch of pictorialism. Once called the "Digital Dali", Frank has made a dramatic shift in his execution. From producing vibrant and dramatic self portraits he now creates subdued images that depict the female form in dim atmospheres. These are where he attempts to express his fears and insecurities of life. 

In this interview, we not only find out more about what he does but also get to know him just a little bit better. It is our belief that getting to know artists as people and not just as creators of beautiful productions will help more of us understand where their work comes from and even to relate to them.

CONCEPTUAL MAGAZINE: Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? Where do you live? What do you do exactly? 

FRANK DIAMOND: I was born in Lleida, Spain and live in Fraga, Spain. I am 25 years old and I am an artistic photographer.

CM: Tell us about your artistic name. Frank Diamond. Why did you choose this moniker?

FD: For years, even before becoming a photographer, I searched for an artistic name. I ended up choosing Frank Diamond because I have three diamonds tattooed on my skin. 

CM: Now, before we ask any more questions... just tell us how many followers you have!

FD: 20,000!!

CM: HA! Incredible! You are just so talented! So, what made you begin doing photography? 

FD: I consider myself an artist, not just a photographer. This is only because I, in no way, follow any technical patterns and I am self-taught.

I began doing photography out of curiosity. I took advantage of the fact that my friend was selling her camera. I bought it and began researching and learning from Photoshop tutorials until little by little, I created my current portfolio.

CM: Tell us about your photographic style in more detail. How did you develop it? How has your style changed? What made it evolve?

FD: I began doing self-portraits as a form of self- expression. With time, I evolved but it was by accident. Creating imagery with the female form made me realize that with them, I could express much better what I wanted to transmit to the spectator. Also, I am someone who needs to control everything that I create and it is much easier for me to see what I am photographing.

My style is dark and dramatic. I want to express feelings and hide secrets at the same time. I use my photography as a visual diary where the spectator can feel as the protagonist himself!

CM: What else are you interested in showing the world?

FD: I always say that my photography is not only a form of self-expression. It is also a necessity. I show the audience only what I am interested in them seeing. Although, so many of them do not know that my images tell stories and depict key moments of my life. That is why I call them my "visual diary".

CM: Why did you choose to create fantasy work?

FD: I like being able to express magic based on a real concept. I like using the female form because of its beauty and frailness, it's the contact between nature and human beings. 

CM: What other types of photography have you experimented with?

FD: Journalism, Fashion, Commercial. 

CM: Is your photography influenced by other artists? If so, which?

FD: Brooke Shaden and Alex Stoddard. 

CM: Any other artists that you love?

FD: Annie Leibovitz.

CM: What projects have you done or accomplished that make you feel proud of yourself?

FD: Being published in the press because of my exhibitions and being represented by two galleries. 

CM: Where have you exhibited your work? 

FD: In 2013, 2014, and 2015 I have done exhibitions in my country (Spain) and in other parts of the world like Saudi Arabia and India. 

CM: Are you working on any special projects at the moment?

FD: Yes! I am writing my first book!

CM: What are your plans for the future? 

FD: Do exhibitions all around the world and teach workshops! I, also, want to travel to beautiful locations where I can create exquisite imagery!

If you would like to find out more about Frank Diamond, you can check out his page: https://www.facebook.com/frankdiamondphotography/ or look him up online!

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