In Print Artist & Art Based Business Submissions


As we are considered by others and ourselves as a luxury magazine, we will take the same consideration with submitted work. We will only be featuring work and products/brands that is "luxury" under our standards. Do not, however, be afraid to send in your submission if you want to be featured. you never know what we could consider to be luxury and we want to see lots of submissions. To get an idea of what we like, take a look at our Pinterest account as well as our Instagram.

Submissions for In Print Artist Profile Features will be open and ongoing. As we receive enough to create an issue, we will let you know the release or approximate date of release via email and/or social media. To keep up to date, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

1. We are accepting work from artists and art based businesses. Some of these might even cross over. This can be related to photography, painting, drawing, dance, makeup artistry, sculpting, jewelry, installations, wearable art, edible art, desserts, Fashion, models, etc. - anything related to visual art. If you are in doubt, feel free to send us an email asking. It can also be related to art based businesses. Some examples include:  Think Tank Photo (they create bags/gear for photographers), a YouTube channel that you might have related to art, courses that you might offer, a makeup line that you started, etc. We prefer that there is some type of magical, fantasy & conceptual element to what you do but again, feel free to email us asking and we will let you know whether we like it and if it fits our Conceptual Magazine aesthetic and brand.

2. Work submitted does NOT have to be new, unpublished, or exclusive. We are interviewing you and finding out about your world and your art.

3. If we feel that your work, style, or aesthetic does not align with ours, yet we still like it enough, we will offer interviewing you and featuring your work on our website. The rate for this will be lower. We reserve the right to choose and decide.

4. If we feel that your work, style, or aesthetic does not align at all with ours, we reserve the right to decline your submission. This does not mean that your work is not good enough, however. It simply means that it is not what we are looking to feature. We reserve the right to choose and decide.

5. Please, refer to our submissions page for guidelines and more information.

Body of Email: Include your name and business name, the type of art you create or business that you have, a mini artist statement or about section, and 8-15 of your favorite works or products. They can be sized for web but must be high quality images, professionally photographed or at least, good enough to be published in a magazine. If we accept your work, we will ask for high resolution images, sized at 300 dpi and 8.5x11 inches. we might change the sizing, however, depending on the final decisions that we make about the publication. Also, include all of your websites and social media links and any extra information you might want us to see or know about.

6. If your submission is accepted, we will send you a PayPal invoice via email with our fee. The rate for in print Artist Profile features is $80. If we offer to feature the interview on our website instead, the rate is $50.

7. We will, then, research your online presence and art and will proceed to send you questions via email. This will take some time as we might have several artists to research simultaneously and we do tailor each interview to each artist. If we find enough information, we will be very thorough and detailed. Patience, here, is key! 

8. Deadlines and new issue releases will depend on the number of submissions we receive. Once we are 100% organized and get used to the swing of this type of print production, we will give you more detailed deadlines and releases. As of Now, we will play it by ear and change dates as we go. We will keep all of you updated.

9. If we receive a good response, interviews will take a long time and you might be placed on a wait list. Again, we will keep all of you updated on everything.


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