Image by Rocio Mirelis 

“For a very long time I’ve felt out of place and completely misunderstood in my art, at times even insecure. I knew there were other creatives out there. I knew there were others out there who thoroughly loved going to places with their images that were far beyond the “norm”. Who wanted to tell a whole story with just one single piece of art. People who poured themselves heart and soul into every tiny detail. People who weren’t afraid to be different, to step out of the box and color outside the lines. I knew there were people out there who would get me, understand all the emotion. I knew there were others who were willing to share, to learn, to grow, support and encourage. I knew all this, but I never thought I would find them securely and safely in one place…..but I did. I found a crazy, creative and amazingly supportive home right here in the Fine Art Portrait Photography Group. I feel blessed and am so thankful for each and every member.

Kristen “


“This is by far one of my favorite groups and the most useful! Everyone is at different levels so that helps me aspire to do more. There is always positive feedback even if it constructive criticism. I love it here. I come here to find great works of art as well as display and learn. I can’t tell you enough that it always puts a smile on my face!”

Erica Lehnert


“There’s nothing like the support of other creatives who do similar work to what you do, cheering you on and giving you sound advice. There’s never been a group that I’ve found that does this better than the “Fine Art Portrait Photography” group and would recommend it to any other Fine Art Photographer. Not only do they provide sound advice and encouragement, they actively seek out opportunities to showcase the work of the group so that the public can be in the know about what we are doing here. I feel proud to be apart of such an enthusiastic group of wonderfully creative individuals. The work that this group creates transcends the photograph, it speaks to the human condition on a variety of levels. The work produced speaks to the spiritual, to the emotional, to the powerful and the provocative. At it’s core, it’s passionate and I can say that this is what we all truly desire from life because to live without passion is to not be alive.

Crystal Parker


“This group is community with such supportive and inviting, and encouraging atmosphere it feels like sanctuary. Place where I lost fear of being judged, and can freely show work in progress and expect sound and detailed advice. I’ve met good friends at this group, and virtual friendships developing to ones in vivo  We have similar goals, and together working to achieve them.

Tatiana Lumiere


“The members of this group are extremely encouraging and helpful, which creates a safe place for someone new to this genre to share their work as they grow. There is so much wonderful work posted by the members that you can’t help but be inspired by it. The members actively share a wealth of information from how they create their art to business type information. You seldom see in other genres of photography. 
Because of this group I have had opportunities that I would not have had otherwise, and that appears to be growing exponentially. I have made many new friends in here and meeting several of them in person recently has been the highlight of my year.

Todd Aaron


“Social Media can offer many positive experiences for both the budding and experienced artist but I haven’t found anything quite like the Fine Art Photography Community on Facebook. The group’s mission is to educate, support and develop opportunities in the art world for its members. That is a big goal but it is one they have achieved with monthly challenges, constructive critiques and its first group exhibition representing over 40 of its artists. But, beyond that, the group provides a nurturing, safe environment that encourages artists to explore who they are and what they have to say, through their photography, to the world. This group has quite simply changed my photography journey. I have become a stronger artist thanks to this group and I am incredibly grateful to call its members my friends.

Pam Cowan Korman


“Becoming a part of the [fa] group is one of the best things I have done for my photography.  This group is full of welcoming members who help each other learn and grow in our creative process and skills.  Opportunities to have my photography seen have opened up and the friends I’ve made in the group can’t be forgotten either.

Diane Karas Miller


“Faire partie de ce groupe a été la meilleure décision que j’ai prise sur mon chemin vers la photographie “Fine art”. Ici pas de mauvaise compétition ou de commentaires blessants. Dans cette communauté on se comprend les uns les autres, nous partageons les même joies et les même doutes. Chacun peut grandir à son rythme et aider les autres avec son expérience, sa patience et ses encouragements. Depuis que je fais partie de ce groupe, j’ai énormément gagné confiance en moi, me retrouvant dans un lieu où je me sentais à ma place et la bienvenue. Tout le monde a beaucoup de talent et d’inspiration, ce qui permet une grande émulation. A la place d’être jaloux de la réussite de l’autre, on le félicite (car chacun reconnaît la valeur du dur travail qui a été accomplis pour en arriver là) et on se motive à faire encore mieux de son côté.  Dans sa vie d’artiste il est parfois très dur de rester motiver et de ne pas se décourager, c’est pourquoi faire partie d’un groupe où  l’on est compris et encouragé est très important (et qui nous permet de créer des amitiés durables, soutenues par une même passion). Alors je voudrais dire merci à tous ces gens fantastiques qui font partie de [fa] group et qui oeuvrent ensemble pour montrer à la face du monde nos talents, nôtre travail et nos voix.

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