Issue 016 In Print Submissions:

New Deadline: March 15, 2018

General Guidelines for Magazine Submissions,  interview/article submissions, & short film submissions Below. Please, visit Upcoming Themes pages and click on each theme for mood boards. (Note: Screenshots below say Issue 014 but, those themes are for issue 015.)

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Please, read through all the information and reference the mood boards on our "Upcoming Issue Themes" page for aesthetic and inspiration.

Our magazine features magic, fantasy, and surreal art & photography. Now, we want to try adding something new, as we always do! We will try our hand at featuring beautiful, couture desserts and pastries that are styled and photographed beautifully! We will share submitted recipes and inspiration for these creations. 

we will also be accepting submissions for artist personal and brand profiles, as well as interviews and articles related to artists, photography, art, fashion, couture, makeup, design & influencers.

Images submitted may be inspired by anything surreal and aesthetically beautiful. There must be some kind of fantasy element in your work. You may also submit Makeup and Hair work, illustration, digital art, sculpture, painting, fashion designs, jewelry designs, etc. The focus of artwork submitted & featured is around human form in some way, shape, or form.

Remember: every single artist who submits work will hear back from us either way. However, you will be hearing from us closer to the submission deadline date or during the days after. In most cases, we will not reply the day we receive your submission.

Please, take a look at our upcoming themes here.


1. We accept, only, NEW and UNPUBLISHED images. Please, do not submit images that you have posted online, in another publication or elsewhere previously. We will be checking social media pages and websites before letting you know if your submitted work is accepted or not. This is a challenge! WE KNOW, we are artists too and get anxious when we create something crazy cool and cannot post it but #cmwantstochallengeyou! Images can be from any visual medium... photography, painting, illustration, fashion design, digital art, makeup etc. The idea is for all images to have some kind of surreal and fantastical twist to them. It is okay to post a sneak peek by cropping and "zooming" into some kind of detail in the image. note: We are incorporating something new, called "early conceptualite submissions". If you are working on a shoot, you may email us asking for feedback on your concept and/or photographs. You can ask us about the concept or the editing aesthetic. This will not guarantee acceptance of your submission but will definitely, help with creating your submission up to par with our aesthetic.

2. Email submissions to
Email header should read: "Issue 014 Submission, (Name of your theme here)" or (early conceptualite submission). Please, include credits and web links from all of those that worked with you on your shoot/images or collaborated in some way (make sure you have the correct information by double checking with ALL persons involved). After we confirm the information with you on our draft check and the issue has been published, we will NOT go back and edit the issue. So, make sure that everything we confirmed with you is correct. Otherwise, it will stay that way. Also, include a short description of the works and a mini artist statement/bio.

(important: Make sure that no one from your team of collaborators submits the images you have submitted to us to other publications or anywhere online before your work is published on our issue.)

3. Send in 1-5 images in high resolution. 300dpi, sized 8.5 inches by 11 inches. If your images are in landscape format, make sure that your subject is not in the center. If they are, then we will most likely have to publish the image in a small scale as otherwise, the subject will be in the centerfold of the magazine and therefore, not be appreciated as it deserves. In addition, when sending the high res file of landscape format images, send them at 18 inches on the long side. If your images are square format, send them at 8 inches.

4. We will also be accepting fantasy, short story and/or fashion film submissions. These should have some kind of fantastical storyline to them (not necessarily special effects). We want to begin to push the community to explore different mediums and expand their creativity. Short films will be published on website and social media channels.

5. You must be the copyright holder or have permission from the copyright holder to submit the images or videos.


1. You must be the copyright holder to the video being submitted, or have permission from the copyright holder to submit the video on his/her behalf.

2. You have the necessary licensing rights to use any song and/or score present in the video.

3. You may send in a link to the video or a low resolution version through the email. If video is accepted, we will require a YouTube link so that we may upload the video to our website (of course, with credit given to you).


Want to submit and interview or art related article to our magazine? We would be happy to take a look at your proposal! Email us, we want to hear from you!

1. Send us an email to with your proposal and introduction. Tell us what you want to write about and why? Talk to us about your topic. Are you able to write in a clear and descriptive manner? Do you have a writing sample? If you have one, feel free to send it to us as well. - Ideas:  Tell us your story and how you fell in love with art. You can also tell us about your learning process or your successes, your failure, your inspiration, your favorite artists, how you want to influence the world or convey your message through art! You can talk to us about delicious, couture treats and artistic pastries or even self-care for artists, exercise routines, wellness! It must all be geared towards artists, however!

We are, furthermore, accepting brand or artist profiles. Are you and "Artpreneur"? Do you own an art related business that you want to feature or share? Email us telling us your idea and we will discuss pricing and information for these.

2. Send us links to your blog/website/social media.

3. Your article/interview must have photos included. These photos must fall under our aesthetic and brand style. Take a look at our pinterest boards, website, and social media accounts to learn more about our aesthetic. We will not be able to accept your submission if the imagery doesn't tell the story we are looking for. Find yourself an artist or photographer! :) If you are interviewing an artist, ask for 8-15 of their most favorite works, sized for web (if your interview is to be featured online & high res if it is to be featured in print) please, send in the images with your interview.