In Print Submissions:

Open Submissions - Issue 017

 Art, Interview, & Article Submissions Info Below 


Please, read through ALL of the guidelines, information, and reference our Pinterest page for aesthetic and art inspiration. Find even more information HERE.

Our magazine features magic, fantasy, and surreal Art, Design, Fashion, Makeup/Hair, Illustration, Digital Art, Sculpture, Painting, & Photography, as well as influencers.  In addition, we would love to begin featuring chefs of couture desserts and pastries as well as beautiful foods that remind us of art!

Here at Conceptual, we adore featuring artists and work that is polished, and beautifully styled and photographed or executed. As far as foods, we will sharing not only imagery but also submitted recipes and the inspiration for these creations. 

It may come as a surprise to our artists, but we are now accepting work that is not necessarily new and unpublished! We might, in the future, do specific issues that have this requirement but in general, we want to feature artists and their art. 

Our issues, from this point forward, will be featuring all artists from all mediums (including food) that create work inspired by surrealism and fantasy. And if your work does not fall within that category, go ahead and submit it too! We might like it so much that we will feature it anyway!

Our publication will consist of art, interviews and articles featuring the stories and works of artists. Those works, do not have to be new, but exclusive work is most certainly welcomed.

We believe it is important to share stories and the inspiration behind each artist's signature work and style.

Remember: every single artist who submits work will hear back from us either way. However, you will be hearing from us closer to the submission deadline date or during the days after. In most cases, we will not reply the day we receive your submission.

Keep in mind that we will promote your interview and your work throughout or social media channels, while we also promote the issue.


1. Email your submission to Email header should read: "In Print Feature Submission" + "Your Name". Please, include credits and web links from all of those that worked with you on your shoot/images/dessert/meal or collaborated in some way (make sure you have the correct information by double checking with ALL persons involved). After we confirm the information with you on our draft check and the issue has been published, we will NOT go back and edit the issue. So, make sure that everything we confirmed with you is correct. Otherwise, it will stay that way. include a short bio of yourself and a mini statement of your work, as well as all of your web links and online portfolios, social media websites, etc.

2. Send in a minimum of 5 of your best images, which best describe and show you as an artist, in high resolution. Size should be 300 dpi, sized 8.5 inches by 11 inches. If your images are in landscape format, make sure that your subject is not in the center. If they are, then we will most likely have to publish the image in a small scale as otherwise, the subject will be in the centerfold of the magazine and therefore, not be appreciated as it deserves. In addition, when sending the high res file of landscape format images, send them at 18 inches on the long side. If your images are square format, send them at 8 inches.

4. You must be the copyright holder or have permission from the copyright holder to submit the images or videos.

5. Submission is FREE. If accepted for feature, there is a fee of $80 usd. We are charging a fee not only to feature your work on our pages (as it will be a multiple page spread) and to be able to send you (1) free Print & Digital copy, but also because we will be dedicating hours to researching your art world in order to come up with interview questions that will create a full and flowing story. And, of course, wee gotta eat and pay bills Too!


Want to submit and interview or art related article to our magazine? We would be happy to take a look at your proposal! Email us, we want to hear from you!

1. Send us an email to with your proposal and introduction. Tell us what you want to write about and why? Talk to us about your topic. Are you able to write in a clear and descriptive manner? Do you have a writing sample? If you have one, feel free to send it to us as well. - Ideas:  Tell us your story and how you fell in love with art. You can also tell us about your learning process or your successes, your failure, your inspiration, your favorite artists, how you want to influence the world or convey your message through art! You can talk to us about delicious, couture treats and artistic pastries or even self-care for artists, exercise routines, wellness! It must all be geared towards artists, however!

2. Send us links to your blog/website/social media.

3. Your article/interview must have photos included. These photos must fall under our aesthetic and brand style. Take a look at our pinterest boards, website, and social media accounts to learn more about our aesthetic. We will not be able to accept your submission if the imagery doesn't tell the story we are looking for. Find yourself an artist or photographer! :) If you are interviewing an artist, ask for 8-15 of their most favorite works, sized for web (if your interview is to be featured online & high res if it is to be featured in print) please, send in the images with your interview.

4. There is a $3.00 usd submission fee.


1. You must be the copyright holder to the video being submitted, or have permission from the copyright holder to submit the video on his/her behalf.

2. You have the necessary licensing rights to use any song and/or score present in the video.

3. You may send in a link to the video or a low resolution version through the email. If video is accepted, we will require a YouTube link so that we may upload the video to our website (of course, with credit given to you).

4. There is a $3.00 submission fee.